Matthew Davis Fox

Stories from the Journey

31 August 1977
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I've filled out profiles and user pages on so many web sites over the years, and I still never have any idea how to describe myself in these things.

I'm a seminarian at Pacific School of Religion, hoping to get ordained in the United Church of Christ in a social justice ministry of some sort or another. This blog is going to be my thoughts and musings and ramblings along the way. Welcome

I'm a progressive, who has spent my adult life either working for social justice advocacy groups or in school learning how to be better at it. In polite company, you’re not supposed to talk about religion, politics, or sex. This isn’t polite company. If you don’t get your feathers ruffled too easily, come on in.

I'm a musician, I play guitar and I'm learning banjo and fiddle. From time to time I'll get up on stage and perform but I'm happiest jamming with friends, singing harmony or laying down a rhythm for someone else to play lead over.

I'm a geek who found Star Wars years before I found God, and continue to find the divine in all sorts of interesting places. If you’re fond of Star Trek, Firefly, and related musings, pull up a seat by the fire.

I'm an intellectual who needs action, and an activist who needs intellect. Give me a well thought out rally to go to by day, and interesting people to toss around philosophical musings with by night, and I'm happy. If something I write sets your own brain off in an interesting direction, throw it out there.

I'm a Christian who has had some of the most spiritually fulfilling experiences of my life with my Jewish father and his family, with my Pagan friends, and with people of no particular religion, but who find the divine throughout their lives. I’m sick and tired of hearing the media tell me that there is only one voice of Christianity in the public square. That to love the Bible means to be a conservative, and to be liberal means to hate God.

This journal is my voice. The voice of someone tired of the monologue, of the perspective that says there is only one way to be a Christian (and another that sadly often says there is only one way to be a progressive.) Like many others who have started to come forward in the public square in recent months, I step forward not to replace the voice of the Christian right with a Christian left. I don't want there to be any 'one' voice, right or left. I want a dialogue, of many voices. This journal is another voice, added to the discussion.